RPEQ Renewals

Registration is for a period of 12 months and expires on 30 June. RPEQs must renew their registration every year to ensure a high standard of practice is maintained.

RPEQs must make and submit their registration renewal application during the renewal period.

To renew their registration the RPEQ must meet continuing registration requirements demonstrating that they have maintained competency in the area/s of engineering for which they are registered.


31 MAY 2022




The renewal period is 1 April 2022 to 31 May 2022. The online renewal portal will open from 1 April 2022 and close at midnight on 31 May 2022. All RPEQs will receive postal and email notices reminding them of the expiry of their registration to their nominated postal and email address prior to the renewal period. RPEQs who have not received any notice about the expiry of their registration should contact BPEQ.


All registration renewal applications must be made online through the renewal portal unless a RPEQ makes a specific request for a hard copy form.

5 step online renewal process
1. Visit

Visit www.bpeq.qld.gov.au

2. Sign in

Sign in to ‘My Account‘ using RPEQ number and chosen password

3. Click

Click the ‘Renew Now‘ button found under your general profile information

4. Answer

Answer the renewal questions. RPEQs must declare fitness to practice issues and comply with CPD obligations

5. Pay

Pay the registration fee. Payment can be made by Mastercard or VISA credit card or BPay

RPEQs who have not complied with continuing professional development requirements and/or declare a fitness to practice issue will be required to attach additional information to their registration renewal application addressing their declaration, which BPEQ will then consider. Applicants who do not satisfy the continuing registration requirements may be refusedregistration (any applicable fees will be refunded) or have a condition placed on their registration. 

RPEQs will be issued with a new Certificate of Registration downloadable in the My Account portal – once they have submitted and BPEQ approves their registration renewal application.


There are two types of registration: practising and non-practising. To carry out professional engineering services a RPEQ must hold practising status. Non-practising status is designed for RPEQs not currently practising engineering (e.g. career break or parental leave) – RPEQs cannot carry out professional engineering services if registered as non-practising.

RPEQs can change from practising to non-practising, or non-practising to practising online as part of the renewals process. RPEQs changing their registration type should be aware of their continuing registration requirements and the declaration regarding the same in Section C of the application.

Registration Renewal Fees 2022-23










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  • 1. I do not know my password to sign into my account, what do I do?

    Click on ‘Forgot password?’ beneath the RPEQ number and password fields on the My Account sign in page, then fill out your contact details and a temporary replacement password will be generated for you.

  • 2. How do I update my postal and email address?

    Sign in to your My Account and follow the prompts to update you details or emails admin@bpeq.qld.gov.au and request to have your details changed.

  • 3. What happens if I do not renew my registration by the due date?

    The PE Act provides for a period following each registration year during which RPEQs who did not renew their registration can apply to have their registration restored. The restoration period is 1 July – 31 August. Applications for restoration made after the restoration period may be accepted by BPEQ up until the end of February the following year at its discretion and only in extenuating circumstances. Additional fees apply.

  • 4. Can I change my registration status (practising / non-practising) after the renewal period and what do I need to do?

    If you are changing from non-practising to practising during the registration year you will need to complete and submit a registration application form (make clear on your application that you are changing your registration status). Additional fees will apply when changing from non-practising to practising.

    For RPEQs changing from practising to non-practising it is recommended that they change their registration status at the next renewal period. There is no benefit to a RPEQ to change their status from practising to non-practising during the registration year and there are no applicable refunds on registration fees.

  • 5. Will I get a new Certificate of Registration sent to me?

    Once you have completed and submitted your registration renewal application and made payment you will be able to download your 2021-22 Certificate of Registration from your My Account.

    NB: the Certificate of Registration downloadable from your My Account is your official certificate of registration. The certificate with the BPEQ seal issued to you when you first registered is a commemorative certificate only.

  • 6. Can I pay registration renewal fees for multiple RPEQs (i.e. as part of a payment made by a company)?

    No. Registration as a RPEQ is an individual requirement and registration renewal fees must be paid by the individual at the time of renewal.

  • 7. Where can I obtain a payment receipt?

    Once you have completed and submitted your registration renewal application and made payment you will be able to obtain your payment receipt from your My Account.

  • 8. Can I submit my registration renewal application and make payment later?

    No. Your registration renewal application and payment must be made at the same time.

  • 9. Will I be reminded about registration renewals?

    Yes. You will receive a notice of the expiry of your registration by post before the renewal period and email reminders during the renewal period.

    NB: make sure your contact details – postal and email address – are up to date to receive information about your registration.

  • 10. How will I know if my renewal application has been submitted?

    You will receive confirmation by email and will be able to obtain and download your payment receipt and 2021-22 certificate of registration from your My Account.

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