Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is developed by BPEQ to provide guidance to RPEQs as to appropriate professional conduct and practice expected of them by their peers and the community.

Code of Practice Cover RPEQ

Code of Practice


The purpose of the Code of Practice is to:

  • promote the obligations which underpin professional engineering services
  • provide a set of guidelines and principles to inform RPEQs on appropriate standards of professional conduct or practice
  • affirm the accountability of the engineering profession to the public in Queensland and
  • promote public confidence in professional engineering services provided by RPEQs undertaking work in or for Queensland.

Application of the Code

All professional engineers registered under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 are bound by this Code. Pursuant with s112 of the PE Act, the Code of Practice and any breach of the Code may be used as evidence in any disciplinary proceedings brought by BPEQ against a RPEQ.

Principles of the Code

The principles of the Code of Practice are framed by three areas – professional conduct, personal conduct and professional expertise.

Generally, the principles of the Code of Practice require that RPEQs maintain good professional relationships with peers and clients, work within the limits of their expertise, conduct themselves in a professional, safe and courteous way, act with honesty and integrity and understand and comply with standards of practice and legal requirements.

The Code of Practice is reviewed regularly and amended in consultation with the wider engineering industry and professional