Our Role

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland is an independent statutory body responsible for protecting the public and regulating the vast and multi-faceted engineering profession through a fair and consistent set of standards, designed to uphold engineering practise and conduct.

Our Vision

Driving a higher standard of professionalism of engineers for a safer tomorrow.

Our Purpose

To protect the public and maintain confidence in the profession by upholding the highest standard of engineering.

Our Values


Protecting the public and
setting the standard of

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) was established in 1929 under the original Professional Engineers Act (PE Act).

The PE Act and the accompanying Professional Engineers Regulation sets out BPEQ’s functions and laws relating to the practise of engineering in or for Queensland.

The main purpose of the PE Act is the establishment of the regulatory scheme for engineers, known as the Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) system.

Professor Roger Hawken – who would become the first chair of the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland – advocated for the creation of the PE Act and a regulatory scheme for engineers to protect the public and achieve greater status for the engineering profession.

The objectives of the PE Act are the same today as they were when Hawken first advocated for its creation in 1929.

The objectives of the PE Act are to:

Protect the Public

Protect the public by ensuring professional engineering services are provided by a RPEQ in a professional and competent way.

Maintain Public Confidence

Maintain public confidence in the standard of services provided by RPEQs.

Uphold the Standards

Uphold the standards of practice of RPEQs.

BPEQ achieves these objectives through:

  1. Investigating and prosecuting offences against the PE Act

The PE Act requires that only engineers who are registered as RPEQs are permitted to carry out professional engineering services in Queensland or for Queensland. BPEQ can investigate and prosecute individuals for breaches of the PE Act, including practising while unregistered and claiming to be or misusing the protected title of RPEQ when not registered.

  1. Registering engineers as RPEQs

RPEQ is legally protected title and becoming a RPEQ is a formal recognition of an engineer’s qualification and competency. To register as a RPEQ, engineers must meet strict eligibility requirements.

  1. Taking disciplinary action against RPEQs whose conduct falls below the agreed standards

Like other professions registered under law, RPEQs must meet and maintain high standards of technical practice and professional conduct set out in a Code of Practice developed by BPEQ. The PE Act provides a process for persons who are aggrieved by the conduct of a RPEQ to lodge a complaint about the professional conduct or service.

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