Board takes engineering associate to Court over use of protected ‘RPEQ’ title

11 September 2023

Board takes engineering associate to Court over use of protected ‘RPEQ’ title

If you provide professional engineering services in Queensland, it’s crucial to be a registered professional engineer (RPEQ), under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 (PE Act)as demonstrated in recent case brought by the Board.

A chartered engineering associate inspected an amusement device.

As part of the inspection, the engineering associate produced and signed an Amusement Ride Safety Inspection Certificate under regulations set forth in the Work Health and Safety Regulations (Qld).

At the time of the inspection, the engineering associate was not a RPEQ, and had never been a RPEQ.

The Office of Industrial Relations Queensland advised the engineering associate that regardless of a person’s qualifications and experience, it is a requirement that a competent person carrying out annual or major inspections of amusement devices must be a RPEQ.

After receiving this advice, the engineering associate produced a written inspection report for another amusement device and included the ‘RPEQ’ title in the signature block.

The Board took action against the unregistered engineering associate in the Magistrates Court of Queensland, alleging three offences:

  1. Conducting professional engineering services without being a RPEQ.
  2. Using the protected title ‘RPEQ’ without being a registered professional engineer.
  3. Presenting oneself as a RPEQ without being a registered professional engineer.

The engineering associate pleaded guilty to the three charges in the Magistrates Court. They were fined $4,000 and ordered to pay a total of $20,000 costs to the Board.

Don’t let this happen to you. Remember:

  1. If you are carrying out professional engineering services in or for Queensland, you must be a RPEQ or work under the direct supervision of one.
  2. Using the title of RPEQ without being registered is against the law.
  3. Regularly check the RPEQ directory to ensure your registration is active and accurate.

You can learn more about how to become a RPEQ here.