Board v X

Board v X

This was a prosecution by the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (Board) against a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) (de-identified as X) in the Magistrates Court of Queensland (Court).


The Board alleged that X, in breach of section 114 of the Professional Engineers Act 2002(Act) used the title ‘RPEQ’ when he not registered at the time.


X was registered as a RPEQ in 2004 but his registration had lapsed. X had not renewed it.


In February 2007, X was retained to certify fencing and other works for a swimming pool at a private residence. X provided a business card to the homeowner that stated the title ‘RPEQ’ after X’s name on the card. The subsequent pool inspection certificate provided to the Council also stated the title ‘RPEQ’ next to X’s signature.

The Board alleged that it was unlawful for X to use the title ‘RPEQ’ in circumstances where X was not a RPEQ.

X pleaded guilty to both offences against section 114 of the Act.

What the Court Said

The Court considered that the protection of the public and maintenance of public confidence in the Board’s system of registration were of great importance.


The Court found X guilty of an offence against section 114 of the Act, imposed a monetary penalty, and ordered X to pay the Board’s costs.