Homeowners urged to use online register to check engineer’s credentials

Homeowners urged to use online register to check engineer’s credentials

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) is recommending homeowners always use the online register of professional engineers to check their credentials.

Undertaking a structural damage assessment and preparing a scope of works report as part of an insurance claim, the preparation of a geotechnical report for a new housing development and the design of a new home are all examples of when a homeowner may need to engage an engineer.

BPEQ Registrar Kylie Mercer said that by using BPEQ’s online register, the public can quickly and easily find out if they are receiving a service from a qualified and competent engineer.

“The law in Queensland requires that engineers carrying out services in Queensland or for Queensland must be registered with BPEQ, or work under the direct supervision of someone who is registered,” said Ms Mercer.

“Recent media reports about non-engineers performing structural damage assessments highlight the importance of Queensland’s engineer registration scheme and the need for consumers to search the register to check the engineer is legally and professionally able to do the work.

“The online register contains 13,000 engineers registered by BPEQ, who have been assessed as qualified and competent professionals.

“Consumers can search for an engineer by name, registration number, location, company and by the area of engineering they practise in, such as civil or structural.

“By only ever engaging a professional engineer registered with BPEQ consumers can be confident of receiving a high standard of service, and if for some reason they do not, then BPEQmay investigate and take disciplinary action.”

The Professional Engineers Act 2002 (PE Act) is the legislation that regulates engineers carrying out services in Queensland or for Queensland.

As the regulator, BPEQ administers the legislation and investigates and disciplines persons for breaches of the PE Act or for negligent practise.

For more information visit www.bpeq.qld.gov.au.


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