Registration key to improving engineering standards

Registration key to improving engineering standards

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) welcomes Victoria’s decision to introduce a mandatory registration scheme for engineers saying it will lift standards in the profession.

The Victorian Government last week introduced the Engineers Registration Bill in the state parliament, a move that will likely see Victoria join Queensland in requiring mandatory registration for engineers.

BPEQ Chairperson Dawson Wilkie said Victoria has taken a step in the right direction and that engineers and the public will benefit.

“Thanks to the foresight of Professor Roger Hawken, Queensland has had a mandatory registration system for engineers for more than 80 years and it is welcome news that Victoria is doing the same”, said Mr Wilkie.

“Under our system only highly qualified and competent engineers have been able to work here, ensuring engineering in Queensland is of the highest standard.

“Registration benefits engineers and the public by establishing professional standards of practise, preventing unqualified people from carrying out engineering services and reducing the risks of something going wrong with a project or service, either materially or financially.

“BPEQ has provided the Victorian Government advice throughout their legislative drafting process and we are also ready to assist other states and territories if they introduce registration schemes.”

In recent weeks engineering associations in New South Wales, Western Australia and the ACT have begun lobbying their respective governments to introduce registration.

Earlier this month, BPEQ registered the 20,000th Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). There are now 13,000 active RPEQs and several hundred-RPEQ applications are received each month, underlining the profession’s support for registration.


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